The Dawn Room


Recently, I came across a flash video called “The Dawn Room“.  After seeing this flash video it really is a wonderful breath of fresh air on the Internet.  More often than not when it comes to expressing one’s sadness through the web in the hopes of reaching out to another understanding soul, one is often met with such coldness and callous sentiments like: “Man up”, “Grow a pair, “Grow a spine”, “stop being so emo” and the list goes on.

It’s comforting to see that there is still human compassion that remains in an otherwise unemphatic and frigid net culture.

In showing this to a friend of mine, her response was, “There’s a lot of feel good crap on the internet.  It’s no different than a boy band making a song for ‘you’.”

Hearing that, my thoughts began to think about the contrast between this video and the status quo of the internet I had to ask myself the question of whether our technology has made us as cold and numb to human compassion and empathy as the machines that we use?


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