The Impossibility of Standards

Image            Like many questions that come up in my mind, this one started with a discussion with one of my friends.  We were discussing Japanese anime and there was the complaint from my friend who said that “we went from great anime to smut.  All this anime with girls with short skirts and showing off panties.”  From there, my friend began to pine for “high quality anime” upon hearing that I had to ask the question of “how do you know what’s high quality without the bad ones being present?”  From there the “discussion” went back and forth where there seemed to be a little defensive attitude on part of my friend but then the discussion broke down when it was said, “Enjoy your low standards of panty flashing animes.” 

            After that, I began to think back to a similar discussion where it had involved movies.  The movie being discussed was the Hugh Jackman movie “X-men Origins: Wolverine” and the person I was discussing this with said that they weren’t going to see it because “I have some dignity and there’s nothing wrong with having standards.” 

            Coupling this with the previous discussion I began to piece things together and then the questioning began:  at what point does having standards raise expectations and the so-called “bar” so high that it seems almost impossible to reach?  And if such a point exists, then would it be safe to say that a person becomes so anal that they become too impossible to please?  And has it gotten to that point where we have such impossibly standards that we cannot even allow ourselves to enjoy simple pleasures of entertainment?

            Unfortunately, I have had no satisfactory answer to date.