Interactive Creativity – A Short Story


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The Battle of Cliches

ImageRecently, I came across various pages that talk about Fantasy Cliches that shouldn’t’ be done, should be avoided or should be gotten rid of.  

First, we have “Ten Fantasy Cliches that Should be Put to Rest

Then there’s “Grand List of Fantasy Cliches

In the next one we have “Avoiding Fantasy Cliches 101

And the list goes on and on. 

It reminded me of when I was in a classroom and how I had gotten into an argument with my instructor, in front of the class, about how academia seems to quash one’s creativity by throwing up walls, boxes and limitations to the point where a person can only express it through a narrow hole like a playdough fun factory. 

I think the same thing can be said of cliches in which so many people out there see so many cliches everywhere that it seems like everything is a cliche.  And once I came to that point in my train of thought I had to ask a very stark and chilling question: if everything is a cliche then why should a writer keep writing?